Thursday, August 19, 2010

Rogue Omnisciece

Every child that leaves its mother's womb enters a dangerous world. His exit from the shelter of his mother's warm body must be handled by medical practitioners with sanitized hands, or the infant could instantly contract a fatal germ.That child soon begins to learn that he has entered a world in which he must be kept alive; living is not automatic, death is.As he grows, he will learn how to avoid the things that will harm him. Gradually he gathers that there are things that would bite, sting, poison, choke, stifle and drown him. Those who care about him must watch over his growth and welfare. They must guard him, warn him, advise and shield him with words and swift actions until he can manage to secure his life all on his own. He will finally be taken out of the world by some evil thing, either an accident, the evil plot of some other being, an opportunistic illness or disease that will get him either in the prime of his life or in his latter years.
Numerous philosophers (such as C.S Lewis) have battled with the issue of evil: debating its origin, philosophizing about its source, examining ways of coping with its presence and questioning its benefits.The church attempts to provide answers.
Ministers flip through obscure passages of the Bible to find verses that suitably address the matter of the presence of evil in the world. They locate scriptural passages to comfort the destitute and dying,to pacify victims of rape and relatives of the murdered.Some men of the cloth( particularly Pentecostals) bark their commands and orders directly at the perceived source of the evil, they loudly rebuke Satan, commanding him to take his "filthy hand" off God's property.They firmly believe he has done so, but there is no way to be absolutely certain that Satan has obeyed the order.
But who is Satan?
A passage in The Old Testament of the Bible (Isaiah 14: 12) gives an account of God tossing one of his Arch Angels(Lucifer) out of Heaven as punishment for being lifted up with so much pride and ambition that he envisioned himself taking the place of God.It was Lucifer who has now become the Devil. But he was not excommunicated alone. Apparently he had quite a number of angelic supporters, and they were tossed out with him. These fallen angels are now demons who assist Satan with his evil work of spreading war, diseases and death.
One of the first things Christians learn early about the attributes of God is that he is omnipresent( he is everywhere) omnipotent( he can do anything) and he is omniscient ( he knows the past present and future. There is nothing God does not know).
The Bible reminds its readers that there is nothing in existence that God did not create. He made the serpent and the centipede. He made the birds and the trees; he made everything that is visible or invisible to the human eye. Without him, according to Genesis, there was nothing made that was made.This includes the making of Lucifer, the evil one who is causing all the wars diseases,child-rape, cancers, floods and famines on Planet Earth and beyond.
But God is omniscient, he knows everything. God, then, must have known while he was creating Lucifer, that He( Lucifer) was going to attempt his (God's) overthrow. He must have known (since if he did not know he could not be God)That Lucifer would have to be excommunicated, that he would become the ultimate of evil beings roaming through the universe creating wars, devastating diseases, disasters, murders, deformity of all sorts and finally tempting many of God's own dearly beloved children to stray away from his ways.In spite of knowing all this, God nevertheless creates this futuristic monster.
I do not know of any father in his right mind who would take home a puppy knowing that the pup would grow up, become rebellious and eat up his children or cause them unimaginable horror.A father who would do such a thing could not be called a good father at all.
But even for this the church has an answer; granted , not one that makes any sense at all, but that is not surprising, since, when it comes to matters of faith all reason is suspended and rationality is held at bay.The church answers by saying that we will never, in our puny minds, be able to understand the workings of God.With this they can sleep well, knowing that although the child is screaming in deepest pain from the cancer that is eating at his brain, God must have good reason for allowing this to happen.

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