Thursday, April 5, 2012


This blog has been dormant for a while, but it is being revitalized.
It is necessary for us humans to freely express ourselves regardless of what anyone feels about what we may say,think or believe,
 We are the only coherent, verbally expressive beings on the planet. We developed language somewhere in our evolutionary process and this has worked to our advantage.Language helped smooth the way of human advancement, and it has retained its capacity to do so. It is through language that the human is able to name his tools, give clear directives and settle differences,practices that are vital to the human specie. No other ability of humanity has propelled us as far ahead of other beings on the planet as language has.
 There have been times when  humans have attributed our ability to talk, to other creatures. Humans have told stories of talking animals almost from the moment we learned the use of language:the talking serpent,the talking donkey or horses,the talking tree; name it and man has made it talk. There are humans who talk to trees and lovely flowers. Millions talk to their pets, and some of us even talk to non-living things that have made us angry. Listen to an adult male hammering away at a stubborn stump in his back yard. Hear him  threaten its stubbornness with each swing of his sharpened axe, reminding that stubborn stump of who is man and who is stump. Hear the little girl talk to her doll, and feel the words of those who mourn, words aimed at the pitiless heart of the scourge called death that has ripped a loved one away.
I think sometimes we wish these things possessed the ability to talk back to us, but what if they did? I am not sure we would not like it very much, especially if they are under our influence and use language as a template of what they should say to us.